Chopping Mall hitting theaters again and Blu ray release!!

So here's a bit of fucking awesome news via KillerFilm.com! One of my favorite horror films of all time, one that not nearly enough people have seen, will be getting a theatrical re-release for October, hitting possibly over 200 screens nationwide. But wait! That's not all! Apparently there is also a Blu ray release planned for next year! No specifics yet as writer/director Jim Wynorski simply stated recently on his Facebook page that:

"The ink is still drying on the contracts and we'll soon be making a 4K transfer for theatrical re-release in October. A retro Halloween special".

Obviously this is very exciting news. I just don't think enough people have seen this or know how great it is. Released in 1986, it screams awesome 80's cheesiness, but in a good way because believe it or not, Wynorski shot the hell out of this thing and it ultimately ends up being so much better than you expect it to be. One of the best "So bad it's good" horror films out there and I can't wait to see this baby in widescreen for the first time. Sweeeeeeet.

And I gotta be honest, with the week I've been having (Hell), this has certainly brightened my day. And you can bet your ass I'll be purchasing that Blu ray when it hits sometime next year. I hope they fill it with lots of Special Feature goodies as geeks like myself eat that shit up.  I'll be sure to post more info as I get more of it. In the meantime, here are some links to my original review back in February of this year and another link to some rad VHS covers of mine. Screw it, I'll throw in the trailer as well. But I'll throw in 2 different trailers; the theatrical and a badass fan-cut trailer. Enjoy!


VHS Radness:

Theatrical Trailer:

Fan-Cut Trailer (Badass and epic):


  1. Rewatched this one a while back, it just seems so silly that these kids all got killed by these clunky robots! You could out run them, you could destroy them easily in all sorts of ways, yet these dumb kids still got killed by them. It was silly fun for sure! I wish the robots had been cooler though...like the one in the poster, sadly nothing resembling that cool robot hand appears in the film! Instead we get those clunky slow moving (yet deadly!) tanks! Ha ha..still, Chopping Mall is a fun silly eighties horror movie in my book.

    1. Oh I'll admit, it's so silly. And the chicks in here are so stupid. But that's the charm. It's one of the best "So Bad It's Good" types of films, that's why I love it so much. And yea, the robots do not represent the poster art at all, which always surprises everyone. There's a great article about the guy who did the poster art, Corey Wolfe. Basically it was done before they made the film. They told him the idea of what they had for the film and he made the poster based on what he thought the robots would look like. You can check out that article here: http://manisthewarmestplacetohide.com/blog/interview-chopping-mall-poster-artist-corey-wolfe-plus-archival-treats

      So yea, I think that it's a silly low budget film from the 80's is why I love it so much. And Wynorski did such a great job filming it and the effects were pretty rad. It's one of the best films to watch with friends.

  2. I actually own this one (it came in this cool boxed set with a couple other silly horror films from the 80's and 90's including CHUD II. Thanks for that link, I will be checking it out!

    1. Ha! That's the same one I have!! lol. The set also has Class of 1999. A pretty cool follow up to Class of 1984 from the director of Commando and Showdown in Little Tokyo.