Marvel's The Punisher Premieres Tonight

"The Punisher is set to dispatch some vigilante justice to Netflix"

By: Jason E. (robotGEEK)

Don't forget, Marvel's The Punisher premieres tonight at midnight on Netflix. Or you can just wait until tomorrow to start binge-watching the entire season for what's sure to be Marvel's next big hit with Netflix. Speaking of which, it may also be one of the last as Marvel just recently announced it will be streaming their own content exclusively on their new streaming site coming soon. So that could be a major bummer for Netflix as they were primarily the key place for Marvel to drop their ultra-violent shows. But we'll see.

Punisher has always been my favorite comic book character, going all the way back to about '88 or '89 when I began collecting. I was immediately drawn to that vigilante character that was brought to life by amazing artists such as Jim Lee and Mike Zeck. While I would eventually dig into everything from Iron Man to Spiderman and Spawn, Punisher was and still is my personal favorite.

Sadly, this landmark character, despite 3 previous attempts on the big screen, still hasn't found a proper adaptation, or one that fans could connect with. While each film interpretation has it's share of strong points, none of them have come close to delivering a definitive Punisher film....yet. War Zone would probably be the closest to depicting the comic character the most accurately (and I do very much love that film), but my personal favorite will always be the Dolph Lundgren starring 1989 version, which still remains in my Top 5 favorite films ever. But that's another story.

When Netflix and Marvel premiered the character of The Punisher into the Daredevil storyline and series, fans went nuts. He was an immediate hit. And though initial reports of Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead) playing the character were met immediately with dubious uncertainty, his portrayal quickly won people over, including the skeptics. In fact, even though he was just a minor character in a totally different series, he became most people's favorite Punisher and a lot of peoples first introduction to the character. Needless to say Marvel saw the potential and gave him his own series, which is what brings use here today.

Marvel's Punisher premieres on Netflix at midnight, November 17. 

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