More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead Documentary

Just when you thought it was safe to be dead! Members of the creative team behind the award-winning Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and Bio Channel's Inside Story: Scream have joined forces once again to unearth the story behind cinema's coolest zombie movie, The Return of the Living Dead.

Here's the trailer for MORE BRAINS! A RETURN TO THE LIVING DEAD, the documentary about the making of Dan O'Bannon's THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD featuring interviews with all the main cast as well as clips, photographs, storyboards, conceptual art, publicity materials, archival documents and behind-the-scenes footage. ...

In addition to the comprehensive 2-hour documentary, the October DVD release also features 2 hours of killer extras.
Thanks to Ghoul Basement and Eat the deaD for this awesome bit of news!
For more information, you can visit the documentary's official website at Get More Brains!
I for one cannot wait for this.


  1. there are never enough documentaries....cool stuff...

  2. i'm with you there man! i love documentaries!

  3. i love the making of "BAD TASTE", and FROM DUSK TIL DAWN"Full Tilt Boogie", and i will hunt down the Nightmare one..never sleep again, too...and the robocop extras..i loved that..:)

  4. Can't wait to see this! Really enjoyed Never Sleep Again. Loved the comprehensive and interesting process of making all the "Nightmare" films.

  5. Ingo: For the most part, when I buy a DVD or a Blu-ray these days, it's for the documentaries and extra features. lol. I love that shit! And you're right, the Robocop extras on that anniversary set were amazingly thorough. I think it was like over 2 hours of stuff right?

  6. Ty: Never got a chance to see Never Sleep Again. I'll need to rectify that. :) And Return of the Living Dead is my favorite zombie flick ever! I love that flick!