Movie News & Views: IT Trailer Premieres

I'll admit I wasn't all that excited when they announced a remake of the classic 90's horror film IT. While I do like and enjoy the original classic, I don't love it. I love parts of it, but mainly for me it's the excellent cast and well, of course Tim Curry as Pennywise The Clown. I think it's a solid film overall, but not one I would revisit often. But even still, news of a remake didn't excite me in any way. These days remakes, and the idea of them, seem to be better left unsaid. 90% of the time they're a waste of time and only leave you appreciating the original more and more.

This morning the new teaser trailer for the Andres Muschietti (Mama) directed remake premiered and I have to say, I'm mighty impressed. I'm really loving everything I see. I'm liking the classic Spielberg moments with the kids, and when it comes to a very unnerving and creepy vibe, Muschietti seems to have been able to capture that really well, at least in the trailer. So I'm pretty excited about this one, and count me on board. Check out the trailer below:

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