Hands of Steel Japan VHS Cover

Hands of Steel Japanese VHS Cover courtesy of robotGEEK'S Cult Cinema

At last! Finally this is in my hands! I'm flying pretty high right now. On two separate occasions I've attempted to get my hands on this, and both times I was outbid. I'll admit, the first time I low-balled it, not thinking anyone else would have wanted it. But the second time, whoever had their first bid in was prepared, because no matter how high I went, I was automatically outbid. Seems this guy felt the same way I did and just needed to have this in his hands just as badly as I did. For a second time, I lost out.

The very next day, I decided to visit one of the VHS Collectors pages on Facebook that I hadn't visited for a long while, and not even a full minute into browsing I see a guy from Sweden offering a whole bunch of tapes for sale, with this one unceremoniously pictured between a bunch of random and uninteresting tapes. I immediately messaged him and well, the rest is history and this is happily in my collection of my ever-growing Hands of Steel VHS tapes from around the world. I did pay more than what I'm used to paying, but opportunities like this just don't fall in my lap like this one did very often. 

Because of my financial situation lately, my collecting has pretty much stopped, save for the occasional splurge on something badass that I happen across randomly like this!! I went a little nuts when I began collecting again about a year ago and well, I realized I needed to chill out. Other things in my life were taking top priority. But I do browse from time to time and there are titles that no matter what, I will always be on the lookout for. Why? Because I'm convinced I have slight OCD, and I become obsessive when it comes to collecting shit. This evil sickness has me by the balls. Muah Ha Ha (*insert Dr. Evil laugh)!! This literally just arrived in the mail, having traveled a week and a half from Sweden, and it sits gorgeously on the shelf next to it's brothers. It's the little things.

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