VHS Cover Of The Day - Tron

Tron original U.K. PAL VHS clamshell release

Slow weekend so I thought I'd post a a few covers. 
Tron is one of my absolute favorite films of all time. I remember it vaguely as a kid, but it wasn't until the 2002 20th Anniversary Edition came out on DVD that I became fully obsessed with this wonderful film. 
It's not perfect and it has a lot of problems, some I have major issues with, but I enjoy it immensely nonetheless and still pop it in every so often. Because despite it's massive flaws, it still has a lot going for it. Writer/director Steven Lisberger came up with something totally unique and an undoubted "game-changer" in modern cinema. Because let's be honest, without Tron, then we wouldn't have films like Toy Story or The Incredibles. Yea, the sequel that we all waited decades to materialize left most of us a little disappointed and confused. And let's be honest, it looked cool, but it's not the Tron film I waited so long for and I'm not going to even get into why the hell the actual character of Tron was hardly in it and how a movie titled Tron had almost nothing to do with the character of Tron. But whatever........

Tron original Disney U.S. VHS clamshell release


  1. I have fond memories of that old school clamshell case. When the first video store I ever went to opened, their Kids section was slim pickings. As a result, I wound up renting Tron nearly every weekend for a whole summer.

  2. I wish I had been more into it back then. I only really got into it when it hit DVD. But man, whatta movie! The visuals and effects work are pretty remarkable.