Megaforce flying motorcycle sequence - pure epicness

Boy, I really needed a good laugh today, and this did the trick. Thanks to my buddy Ingo over at Hellford 667 Movie Reviews for bringing this to my attention. Fucking hilarious! 
This is the flying bike sequence from the cult classic Megaforce (1982) starring Barry Bostwick. Yes, it's "that" Barry Bostwick. Thanks to YouTube member lucienpsinger for the video. It made my day.


  1. Actually, I found this on another review site, and I totally forgot now which, so sorry if I didn`t provide any source. Next time I´ll make sure to name the source, even if I only post it on my facebook page.

  2. I found the site again I got this from... it is
    http://vhsarchive.blogspot.com .
    great site, check it out....

  3. Trust me this is all you need to watch. Watching the whole film is dreadfully boring experience. Might be okay with a room of drunk friends. Don't watch sober basically.

  4. Seriously? Aw man, I was hoping for an awesome low-budget "WTF?" film. Thanks for the warning!