Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis (1984) finally hitting DVD & Blu-ray!!

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Now this is probably the BEST news I've heard all week.
Fisrt I need to thank my good friend and fellow Metropolis fanatic Lisa for turning me onto this bit of exciting news. Thanks Lisa!

Metropolis is my absolute favorite film of all time. Released in 1926 and directed by Fritz Lang, it remains one of the most influential science fiction films of all time and a landmark in production design and special effects. 
Of all the versions that has been released since it's original and drastically cut version in 1926 in Germany, and there have been many, my favorite version is Giorgio Moroder's version from 1984. When originally released in 1926 in Germany, it was deemed too long and epic and too depressing. It was drastically edited against Fritz Lang's protests and all the cut footage thought lost forever is still being found to this day all over the world. 
If you don't know anything about this version, basically Giorgio Moroder is a music composer and producer who did music for a lot of films, most memorably for Scarface, Cat People and Flashdance. In 1984 he took the then most complete elements found up to that date and added rock music from some of the biggest rock acts in that time like Freddy Mercury, Bonny Tyler, Billy Squier and Queen to name a few. In addition he also added newly found footage, images, intertitles and also put different colored tints to certain sections. I love this movie so much! Yea, the music is absolutely dated, but it works for this film and only adds to it's charm. I actually have this poster hanging in my living room wall and still own the vinyl double LP that I frequently jam in my record player. 
Unfortunately, this version of the film has "never" been released on DVD and has only been available on VHS. Depending on when you're looking for it, the VHS alone can get pretty expensive. I'm actually embarrassed to admit what I ultimately paid for mine 10 years ago during a bidding war on eBay with some schmuck. But I won!
So now after 27 years we are finally going to get a proper DVD and Blu-ray release of this landmark film in it's most awesome version. I could't be happier right now.

Here's the article via indieWIRE:
by Nigel M Smith (August 25, 2011)

Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” seems to be the classic that keeps on giving.

With several versions of the film available on DVD, last year saw the “definitive” edition of the film, featuring about 30 minutes of newly reinstated footage, hit screens around the globe.

This year, Kino Lorber will release Academy Award-winning composer Giorgio Moroder’s 1984 remix of the classic that includes a pop/rock soundtrack featuring songs by Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, Adam Ant, Jon Anderson and others.

On top of the revamped soundtrack, “Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis” features footage not included in the initial version, new sound effects, color tinting and subtitles that replace the film’s original intertitles.

Kino Lorber is presenting a new HD transfer of the 1984 release in a series of exclusive theatrical engagements in over 20 U.S. markets. Go here to see where it’s playing.

It hits Blu-ray and DVD on November 15. The Blu-ray and DVD editions will include “The Fading Image,” a documentary produced by Moroder which chronicles his work on the restoration.

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