The Crow hits Blu-ray!!

One of the most visually impressive films I've ever seen, The Crow is finally set to hit Blu-ray in October.
Director Alex Proyas blew us all away with this gothic and violent tale of revenge made only more intense by it's star, Brandon Lee, who died accidentally by a loaded gun during the making of this cult film. The fact that a lot of the magic happened after Lee's death during post production serves as a true testament to the talent behind the camera. 
And let's be honest, Brandon Lee owns this thing! It's almost impossible to imagine how it would've turned out had somebody else played Eric Draven or how far Brandon Lee would have gone had he not passed away so early.

Combine Lee's tragic performance with Alex Proyas's gothic visuals and one of the better soundtracks to come out of a movie in the last 20 years and you have yourself a certified cult classic rightly due for a Blu-ray release. Click on the image to pre-order your copy over at Amazon.

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