Punisher short film: Dirty Laundry

By now you've surely seen this. If not, then you're in for a treat. Thomas Jane who played The Punisher in writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh's incarnation of the character in 2004 actually financed and made this fan film himself. I don't know about you, but to me that screams dedication and commitment to a character. For me, it tells me it wasn't just another job for him, that he truly cares for the character. Sure, the 2004 film wasn't very good as a Punisher film, but at least we have this. This is awesome. I've heard a lot of mixed feelings about this. Most people dig it, but some don't. I myself love it. What do you think?


  1. Just caught this yesterday. Thought it was a great little short. Perlman was excellent and Jane slipped back into the role with ease. Now his TV show Hung has finished maybe he can find time to finance a Punisher TV show?

    1. It's funny, a friend sent this to me with no word on what it was or anything. So I watched it and immediately liked the gritty style and camerawork. Then I saw Jane and was intrigued and thought "hhhmmmm, he's in a van". Of course my mind went to Chip from the comic series but then after a few minutes I just thought "nah, nothings happened to lead me to believe this is what I want it to be". Then it kicked ass out of nowhere and it wasn't until the last shot that I realized this had anything to do with The Punisher at all. Brilliant.

      I was also thinking of how great this would be as a series on HBO, since he's already got that relationship with them.

    2. That's pretty cool that you got to watch it without knowing what it was about. I went in knowing full well what it was and consequently got a little impatient waiting for Jane to start kicking ass (but I guess that's kind of fun in itself).

      Did anyone else get some Hobo With A Shotgun vibes from this? I don't know. Just the way the thugs were beating people up in broad daylight in the middle of the street while the hero just ignores it all until he snaps. I know that's a pretty familiar trope but I still felt a bit of a connection.

  2. I think this is pretty awesome. It has a very Yojimbo feel to it. It would make for a great opening sequence for another Punisher movie. I can totally see The Punisher in this gang-ridden town playing the gangs off one another Yojimbo style. C'mon Marvel make another Jane Punisher movie happen!

  3. Loved this short. It was better than the whole 2004 Tom Jane version. It had a War Zone quality to the violence and it was nice to see Tom Jane make this. It shows he cares about the character.