Robocop Minimalist Art Print

Found this awesome print browsing on ETSY recently and just had to share. An amazing minimalist art print for Paul Verhoeven's Robocop. What I love most of all, besides the fact that it's a fucking poster for Robocop, is that the colors would compliment the color scheme I currently have going on in my apartment, so this is a no brainer. I must buy. 

Size: 18 X 24 inches
Price: $20

Not a bad price for a handmade art print. The artist and seller, Andrew Heath, has a nice eclectic selection of geek inspired minimalist art prints, so I urge you to check his stuff out.

You can check out his ETSY shop Andrew Heath, or you can visit his website Andrew-Heath.com.

You can bet your ass this print will be up on my wall soon. Very, very soon indeed.