The Thing trailer is up!

Still not sure how I feel about this. John Carpenter's The Thing, I feel, is perfect in every way. A rare example of a remake actually working and improving on the original. It's still my absolute favorite horror movie of all time and to this day can still stand the test of time. It works on so many levels. As a horror movie, as a sci-fi thriller and even a good ol' monster movie featuring some of the most amazing practical effects I've ever seen in a horror film, thanks to the brilliant Rob Bottin. As a director, this was John Carpenter at the top of his game bar none.
I will say though that this new one doesn't look bad at all. In fact, as I keep reading that it's supposed to be a prequel, it actually looks like a flat out remake to me. Looks like the just changed Kurt Russel's character to this dame scientist or whatever she's supposed to be.
In any case, here's the first trailer to wet your appetite. What do you think?

<a href='http://movies.msn.com/movies/movie-trailers/#/video/f749b83d-e1d0-4983-a918-a9c3914b03c0' target='_new' title=''The Thing' Movie Trailer' >Video: 'The Thing' Movie Trailer</a>

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