Nemesis v2.0 is coming!

As a lover of badass cinema, I've recently started to re-acquaint myself with director Albert Pyun's filmography. The guy is prolific, so it will be hard to catch up any time soon. But I'm on a good roll right now and having just finished Nemesis last night (which I LOVED) and only recently learning that Pyun himself has put together "Directors Cut's" of 2 of his better known films, Cyborg (1989) and Captain America (1990), I was lucky enough to meet a fellow avid Pyun fan on Albert Pyun's facebook page of all places (gotta love the internet), and have just learned that there is indeed a "Director's Cut" in the works. A Version 2.0 if you will. I gotta tell you, July has proven to be Christmas all over for me again. Many thanks to my new movie buddy Ingo Holtorf over in Germany for pointing me in the right direction and whom I hope to have many great geeky movie discussions with in the future.

Here is some info via Albert Pyun himself:
This promo was created for foreign distributors to see at the Cannes film market. For them to see how we were upgrading the original film’s shots with 21st century CG technology.

NEMESIS v2.0 Teaser Promo from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.


  1. hey, i didnt catch this article until today..wtf..
    i was just looking for a laserdisc rip of the japanese version, didnt find anything...i know i have seen that version, or at least the ending in some form..dont remember where , though...
    but im happy with the normal version..the difference isnt so big, alternate ending, but hey...doesnt make the movie any better..