Mission: Impossible 4 trailer is up!

I know this news is a few days old now, but it's still exciting.
Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol's trailer is finally up and it looks good!
This is big news because it will be Bird's first live action film after animated classics like The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. The Iron Giant being my favorite hand drawn animated flick ever!
As you can imagine, it was a little strange hearing that his first live action directing gig would be in this franchise, but hey! Maybe he can offer us something new and exciting. I dig, but don't love the Mission: Impossible franchise. I like how they get really great and talented directors to helm each one, but so far we haven't been blown away with one single one yet. Brad Bird follows Brian DePalma, John Woo and J.J. Abrams. As great as these directors all are, the films have all been pretty flawed. I think I enjoyed the last one the most, but Abrams direction drove me nuts. Too much hand-held camera work, which is odd if you watch his latest, Super 8. It just looks beautiful. Not a single hand-held shot in sight! Anyway, let's hope this one changes that. On the plus, I love seeing Simon Pegg look like a badass in this!

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