Geek news of the day - Brazil hits Blu-ray on July 12th!

On July 12, Universal will finally be releasing Brazil on Blu-ray.
This is a cult classic by every sense of the word and one of my all time favorite films and a really exciting release. However, this is only the 132 minute studio cut of the film. More of a "compromise" edit that the studio and director Terry Gilliam could agree on. So no, this is not Gilliam's 142 minute Final Cut unfortunately.

And this Blu-ray release comes with outstanding special features like scene selection and English, French and Spanish subtitles. Remarkable!

If you're just wanting to see how beautiful this thing could look on Blu-ray, I say go for it. But I still prefer Criterions 3-disc box set with the infamous 94 minute "Love Conquers All" studio cut, Gilliam's 142 minute "Final Cut" and the fascinating documentary "The Battle for Brazil", which is just as fascinating as the movie itself.
I think i'm going to hold off until we get a proper Blu-ray release with "actual" special features and the proper Terry Gilliam Final Cut edit.

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