Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D hits theaters in 2012

I suppose it was inevitable. Though I had no idea they were going to try with this franchise as I hadn't really heard anything about it.

In any case, i'm on the fence with this one. I actually rather enjoyed the 2 remakes that came out helmed first by Marcus Nispel and then by Jonathan Liebesman. I actually enjoyed the 2nd one, The Beginning, a lot more than the 1st. But I also love the first 3 originals. Each one offering something unique in terms of style, horror and overall tone. Since 3D is taking over, I suppose it was only a matter of time.
I feel strangely about this one. Because while i'm "usually" against remakes, there have been some pretty remarkable examples of how a remake can only improve upon an original. The Blob, The Thing, hell even Piranha 3D are the first 3 that come to mind.
Also of special note is there will also be a Halloween 3D coming out just a few weeks after Chainsaw Massacre 3D in 2012. I know 3D can be a gimmick most of the time. What concerns me is that yea it looks great on the big screen, but what about when it finally hits DVD and Bluray? Will it still look cool or cheesy as hell like Drive Angry?

Heres the article per Total Film:

An update of Tobe Hooper’s seminal 1973 horror, this new Chainsaw Massacre is being directed by Takers' John Lussenhop and – yes – will be in 3D.

“I'm excited to reconceive this iconic horror classic in a contemporary setting for a new generation of horror fans to enjoy,” says producer Carl Mazzocone.

“Both John Luessenhop and I intend to deliver a new chapter derived from Tobe Hooper's 1973 masterpiece with the goal of making it as horrifying as the original, in 3D.”

Interestingly, Halloween 3D is due out just three weeks after Leatherface storms back onto the big screen, making 2012 a year for ‘70s horror revivals.

No plot details have been released for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D yet, though you can bet it will involve a lot of fresh young things getting served up for dinner courtesy of Leatherface and his nutty family.

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