Captain America (1990): Extended Directors Cut is finally available!

This is really exciting news.
Albert Pyun's 1990 low-budget version of Captain America FINALLY gets a proper directors cut!

If you read my review of this cult classic from 1990, you know my feelings about it.
It was one of Marvel's failed attempts at bringing one of there more popular properties to the big screen between the late 80's to early 90's.
Massive budget cuts, restraints, re-shoots and re-edits eventually left it an unimpressive mess and shelved for several years before finally getting a VHS release. It wasn't for a lack of talent that's for sure. You can tell immediately that lack of budget seemed to be it's biggest enemy. It's still never been officially released on DVD.

To catch up, here's my review:

But you always wondered what kind of film we would have had if director Albert Pyun had the budget and creative freedom to make and release the movie he always wanted. Well now it looks like we're finally getting that chance as director Albert Pyun himself has cut together a directors cut of this cult favorite using his original workprint and other salvaged elements. It has been re-edited to match closer to screenwriter Stephen Tolkein's original script. So what we'll ultimately have is a much different version of that 1990 film.

Technical Specs:
The extended director’s cut includes additional scenes, never seen before – approximately 13 minutes of more footage.
The film is transferred from telecined tapes, plus a 35mm work print. It was not transferred from the original negative and there is artifacting in the dark scenes, dust specks and visible splices. Only the new footage is true widescreen. However, the picture quality is far superior to Albert Pyun’s previous director’s cuts.

Firts he'll be showing this Extended Director's Cut at The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, Tx on Sunday, July 17 @ 10:15pm with director Albert Pyun himself in attendance. Tickets are sure to sell out fast. He'll then be traveling the country all the way up to Canada showing this directors cut along with his new film Tales of an Ancient Empire, his sequel to his 1982 cult classic The Sword and the Sorcerer.

You can purchase the Captain America: Extended Directors Cut in a 3 disc Region-Free DVD Special Edition available through Albert Pyun's website @ www.AlbertPyunMovies.com or by emailing curnanpictures@gmail.com.

The 3 disc set includes:
Captain America: Extended Director's Cut
Captain America Commentary Disc.
Left For Dead (a film he directed in 2007)
And an autograph

The DVD set will be $25 with FREE shipping.
Blu-ray version will be $35 with FREE shipping.

These are pre-orders. They will not ship until Aug. 13 as Albert Pyun is traveling the country promoting this film. I say get your order in now. I put mine in last night and can't wait for it to arrive.

MGM is also set to finally release the theatrical version on DVD for the first time July 19th. If your a film geek, it's just one of those things you "have" to have. That planned DVD is the picture I have attached with this posting.

In regards to MGM's planned July 19th DVD release of the theatrical cut of this 1990 film, as of this day, 7.21.11, I have not been able to find this for sale anywhere on the internet or any of the big retailers. So it looks like it wasn't released after all and now we play the waiting game.
If anyone can let me know where this DVD is available, I would be much obliged.

It now seems that the planned release of the theatrical cut of Pyun's Captain America will now be released on August 23rd. Let's see if it sticks this time.

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  1. Hi, about the MGM DVD-i read somewhere, sorry i dont remember where..that the dvd is produced on demand only ---i dunno how that works exactly, but maybe you will be able to find something online with this info .greetz, Ingo