The Toy Corner: Commando Custom Carded 3 3/4" John Matrix Action Figure

As I continue to dig into my new hobby, I'm learning a few things about myself. One, that I really don't have the time to dedicate to this, and two, that I really have more fun working on the cardback designs rather than the actual figures. So I always find it more rewarding and a lot easier if I can find a loose figure already made for what I need, and just work on the cardback design, which is really where I have the most fun. However, I do have to make action figures from scratch from time to time by cutting up existing figures because unfortunately, the figures I want have never been made and more than likely never will. That's why I do this.

Recently I scored an original vintage loose John Matrix 3 3/4" figure from Diamond Toymakers. This figure is something I've been after for years and never ever pop up. He's incredibly hard to find, so when I came across one, albeit a bit dinged up, I couldn't believe that nobody outbid me on it. And for a surprisingly low price too!

Scoring this gave me the chance to play with some new cardback designs that I intend to continue with for an all new "80's Action Hero" line. Since I didn't have to actually work on the figure, it was a lot easier for me and much faster. By allowing me the time to only work on the design of the packaging and not having to worry about the figure or how I would do it, I was able to focus entirely on the design and I'm really happy with how it came out.

P.S., these are not for sale. I only do them for fun.

Look for a few more in this series coming soon! They're already in the can. I just need to put them all together.

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