Documentary Spotlight: The Unbinding (2023)

by robotGEEK

The team behind the excellent docu-series Hellier (2019), Greg and Dana Newkirk, return with this documentary about a mysterious haunted object that was found in the woods that wrecks havoc on anyone who possesses it, and their attempt to return it back to it's original resting place. 

Occult experts Greg and Dana Newkirk, along with their eager friend Tyler, upon discovering the mysterious artifact, do a helluva job uncovering its secrets, history, origin and ultimately it's purpose. Then they need to figure out a way to return this artifact back to where it belongs, which is not as easy as you would think. 

Reteaming with their friend Kark Pfeiffer, who also directed Hellier for them, this documentary is a nice companion piece to their previous and effectively creepy series, especially if you're in the mood for something witchy. Greg is such a likable and personable guy while his wife Dana comes off pretty intense. It's a good balance really, while their young friend Tyler gets so excited about anything related to the paranormal, he adds that little bit of charming naiveté to the mix, like a little kid excited for his birthday.  

Available to rent on Amazon Prime

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