Retro Rewind: Over The Top 1987 VHS Arm Wrestling Competition Promo

Here's a totally rad VHS promo for Stallone's Over the Top from 1987. This promo is actually for an Arm Wrestling competition that was used to push the upcoming release of Over the Top, which Cannon boldly claims in the trailer will be the new blockbuster of 1987.

What's amazing about this is with how bold it was with it's claims about the films possible success. Because we all know how that ultimately turned out. But the thing that blows my mind is that it states that entry forms could be found in theaters that would show Over the Top. I don't recall any of this so I'm not entirely sure if it was something that actually happened. But how could would it be to have one of these original entry forms? The winner would ultimately win prize money as well as a walk-on role in Over the Top with Stallone.

I love everything about this trailer. For starters, they borrow Vince DiCola's excellent Rocky IV score, which rules. There's also that very special announcer, who is one of the most recognizable voice's to come out of the 80's, who ended up doing a ton of promo's for Cannon. And then there's just the very special way it's shot. It's very 80's and very distinct and it's done in a way that they just don't use anymore. It's nostalgic as fuck. Enjoy!

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