Vintage Toy News; 'The Toys That Made Us' Set to Premiere on Netflix Dec. 22

"The minds behind history's most iconic toy franchise's discuss the rise - and sometimes fall - of their billion-dollar creations"

By: Jason E. (robotGEEK)

I've been following this page for a short while now and as a vintage toy collector myself, I can say that I'm really, really excited about this new show. From what I gather, the first 4 episodes are set to air on Netflix on December 22, with the remaining 4 airing sometime in 2018 in the hopes that Netflix will order another season. I'm not really sure if each episode will focus on a single toy line or if they will dig into a variety of them, but I do know that they have interviewed not only collectors, but a lot of the people behind the making of them such as toy designers and former employees of some of the biggest companies in the business.

I have to be honest, as much as I couldn't stand the host of Toy Hunter (The Travel Channel), Jordan Hembrough, I do miss it. While he came across as more of a low-balling snake, I loved seeing him find these hidden treasures, some of which I had completely forgotten about for decades, and discovering a few I never knew even existed. It also got me back into the collecting game again, when I had taken a break from it for a very, very long time.

The Toys That Made Us premieres on Netflix on December 22 with 4 episodes, with 4 more soon to follow in 2018. Do your part in supporting this project by watching it, so Netflix knows there are those of us out there that need shows like this. Here's to hoping they'll get renewed for another season.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a trailer as it's only viewable directly from Netflix, which you can watch HERE.

I just spoke to the director and he has confirmed that each episode will focus entirely on a single toy line. 

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