Samurai Cop 2 Trailer is up!

If you're as big a fan of the terribly awesome Samurai Cop as I am, then you were more than tickled pink to learn that a Kickstarter campaign was started to help fund a sequel to the now legendary So Bad It's Good classic from 1991. Seriously, Samurai Cop is that fucking good and easily one of the best Bad Movies ever made.

But then when I started thinking about it and letting the idea of a sequel brew in my brain for a bit, I started to wonder if that was such a good idea after all. Let's face it, the original was awesome because the writer/director tried his damn hardest to make a legitimate kung fu action film, and the only reason it's as successful as it is in the first place is because he was completely inept in making that happen. Everything about that film is terrible; the acting, the dialogue, the editing, the directing, the fight sequences, the humor....basically every single aspect of the film in general. And of course, that's what makes it so great, especially with a group of friends.

The writer/director of the first film, Amir Shervan, has since passed away sadly, so a new team has come in to continue the Samurai Cop legacy, led by prolific producer and sometime director Gregory Hatanaka and writer Rich Mallery. When the filmmakers unleashed the first official trailer a few weeks back, my initial feelings remain about the same. My thing is that the filmmakers know that the original is great because the guy who made it didn't know what he was doing. Trying to duplicate that same inept vibe can be difficult, and the worst thing they could do is make it feel forced. I don't know, I'm still a little on the fence about this. First of all, it looks insane. Somehow they've worked a sci-fi angle into the story, and the majority of what we see in the trailer looks to take place on a space ship? And the use of the 2001 theme song threw me off immediately. It's great to see the two original leads return, and well, Tommy Wiseau as the villain is honestly just brilliant casting. So in the least, I hope it's entertaining, because it looks like it......so far. But you decide.

Ultimately everything about this is on purpose, and that's what worries me. But hey, that's just me. If the film is silly, ridiculous over-the-top fun, then maybe it'll be great in a different kind of way as opposed to the first one being so incredible simply because the filmmaker was terrible at it. I'll admit, Samurai Cop 2 definitely looks pretty. It's apparent that director Hatanaka handles vivid colors and cinematography well, so the film looks pretty cool aesthetically. I just hope the film can deliver.

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