Samurai Cop star Alive and Well

If you're aware of the "awesome" that is Samurai Cop, or have done any kind of research on that particular film or it's enigmatic star Matt Hannon, then you're aware that he'd been thought to be dead for quite some time now. This is made all the more evident in the fact that he's never starred in another film. Well, guess what? He's not dead. He's just apparently dropped out of the film business for the last 25 years and has used pseudonyms ever since, making it rather difficult to track the guy down. Well, he's recently uploaded 2 videos where he discusses all this and titillates us with some "secret" news. 

If you haven't yet had the chance to experience Samurai Cop, then you are surely missing out on one of the greatest cinematic experiences of your life time. Samurai Cop is not a film, it's an experience. The kind of experience that needs to be enjoyed with a group of friends for full effect. Easily one of the best Bad Movies ever made, Samurai Cop is the cream of the crop of So Bad, It's Good film experiences. It's really beyond words. I hadn't laughed out loud so hard since then or had as good a time watching a bad film. The Visitor and Hard Ticket to Hawaii are a close second, but nothing beats Samurai Cop........so far.

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