Death Wish 3 German Clamshell VHS

Death Wish 3 VHS Cover scan courtesy of robotGEEKSCultCinema.blogspot.com

A big thank you to to Ingo over at hellford667 Move Reviews for this incredible piece of VHS awesomeness. This baby looks killer on my shelf. I gotta admit, I was never a big fan of these Death Wish films. In the revenge film genre, they were alright. I mean, Bronson is surely a badass, but they never really did anything for me. That is until I saw Death Wish 3, and holy shit balls, what a mindfuck this movie was. It's like they decided to just go all out and say "Fuck it! Let's give 'em something they'll remember!", as opposed to it's restrained hard-edged approach in the first two films in the series. Death Wish 3 is nuts, in the best possible way.

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