Hands of Steel aka Fists of Steel U.K. VHS Cover

Here's the U.K. VHS cover for Hands of Steel aka Fists of Steel aka Atomic Cyborg, one of the best  Exploitation - Trash - Post Apocalyptic - Terminator ripoff - Arm Wrestling - Sci-fi films 
to ever come out of the Exploitation boom. 
For a recap on my review, go here
And to check out the U.S. VHS cover from Lightning Video, go here.

I often seek out VHS covers of some of my favorite films in any format. And this one I've looked for often. But one day when I "wasn't" intentionally looking for it I happened upon it by accident and for super cheap. Funny how things work out that way. 


  1. Great stuff! Simon at Explosive Action sent me a VHS rip off his Japanese VHS of this, and I still haven't gotten around to reviewing it. I'll have to remedy that soon.

  2. Gotta love that cover! It is awesome!

  3. DtVC: I'm pretty confident you'll dig it immensely. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

    Ty: Absolutely! They just don't make them this rad anymore. The best part of all this is that this is one of my favorite flicks ever and I happened upon this tape by accident.

  4. Got this on DVD, need to get around to watching it. Apparently it's Terminator meets Over The Top?

    Love these old VHS covers, they bring back great memories.

  5. What a find! Simon also gave us a copy to review, we will try to watch sooner than later.

  6. Jack: Yes, it's Terminator/Over the Top/Post Apocalyptic tale all rolled into one. Though it predates Over the Top by about a year I think. So they were ahead of the arm wrestling curve with this one. lol. And if you got it on DVD, then you must have it in glorious Widescreen. Something I desperately need to get.

    Ty: Yes! Can't wait for your thoughts!