Badass buy: The Evil Dead Thorn EMI Clamshell VHS (sealed)

This past year as I've gotten back into VHS collecting, I've slowly been building my 
Thorn EMI / HBO Cannon VIDEO 
collection. They produced a pretty eclectic group of films on white clamshell cases back in the VHS heyday and ones that I've always been drawn to. I just love the clamshell look and annoyingly, the U.S. didn't make it a habit of releasing a lot of VHS this way, rather on cheap cardboard slipcases. I don't collect everything they put out though, just films I actually thoroughly enjoy. And I'm new to this and still learning of what there output was and when.

 I didn't even know Thorn EMI had The Evil Dead under there belt until when I came across it recently for a very cheap price. The beauty about this purchase, besides getting it for very cheap, is that it's still SEALED!!! Sweet! The only damage seems to be a large tear to the shrink wrap with some smaller ones here and there. But most importantly, the actual clamshell and plastic are untouched. 


  1. Nice..what else to say?!...Clamshell, clamshell..lol.

  2. Really cool rG, I don't need tempting into buying other things though!