Geek news of the day - 06.21.11

I can barely contain my excitement here. The Mr. T cartoon from 1983 is finally hitting DVD this Friday!!
This is a cartoon I remember fondly, watching Saturday mornings I believe, in my living room while my parents were still asleep in the morning.
I remember it being pretty weird, but hey, have you ever seen his "Treat Your Mother Right" rap video from the early 80's? It's truly hilarious and remarkable and has to be seen to believe. This thing really exists. Look it up on YouTube if you don't believe me. Or what about his PSA's on drugs and staying in school? Only Mr. T can get away with looking the way he does and doing things like this. That's why he rules!

This 2-disc DVD set of the complete first season from 1983 hits DVD on Friday, June 24th and you can find it on Amazon for $35.99. I doubt you'll find it in retail stores like Target or Best Buy, but wouldn't it be something if I was wrong?
Friday can't come soon enough.

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