They Live poster by Shepard Fairey - 06.10.11

This limited edition truly awesome poster by artist Shepard Fairey, of the Obama "hope" poster fame, went on sale this morning over at www.mondotees.com to coincide with a special screening they had last night of John Carpenter's They Live at the Alamo Drafthouse in South Austin. If you were in attendance, then you were lucky enough to get your hands on one. If not, a few were going to go on sale on the mondotee's website.

I waited and waited and checked every 5 minutes all through the night into this morning. And they just happened to go on sale during my 10 minute drive to work. And of course, they sold out immediately. So no, I did not get one. And if you get on ebay, you see the pricks that did get one are already selling them for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. That just pisses me off. It's not even about the item, or the experience or want. It's all about the fucking money to them. So sad.

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