Daredevil Reboot. About damn time! - 06.08.11

I don't know where I've been these past few weeks, but apparently there ready to reboot Daredevil and are going to use the "Born Again" storyline from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli with David Slade of Eclipse, Hard Candy and most notably 30 Days of Night, to direct. I can't believe I've only now read about this! Where have I been?!
This is entirely good news as I truly and utterly hate Mark Steven Johnson's version from 2003. What a heaping pile of crap!
It was just all wrong. I didn't think Ben Affleck was horrible, but Kingpin was off the mark completely and just the overall vibe and bad direction fucked up what could have been such a cool movie and continuing franchise. What astonishes me most is that after completing Daredevil, the studio decides to give this guy another Marvel property, more money and let him fuck up another "coulda been awesome" film. I speak of course of Ghost Rider. What another waste.
I love Daredevil and collected the comics in the 80's. My interest dwindled as I moved on to other things but Ed Brubakers run a few years back propelled my interest 10 fold and I've been collecting ever since. Andy Diggle has done a fine job at keeping up the gritty pace and dark noir vibe left by Brubaker after his leave. I liken Daredevil to Batman in many ways and it's a shame that it didn't receive the proper treatment. I also hear Jason Statham is championing for the role of Daredevil in this reboot and I just think that's brilliant. Jason is the man and if anyone can make Daredevil into a badass crimefighter, he can.
Here's hoping that everything works out the way we hope and we all get the Daredevil movie we deserve.

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