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A direct movie tie-in with the 1995 film, this book covers everything from the entire history of the Judge Dredd character to all aspects of making the movie. It's a great read, whether your just into the Judge Dredd character in general, a fan of the movie or in what it takes in getting a movie made.

It's fascinating how the studio heads make decisions based on there own financial interests or there own naive judgement when there handling a property this big, considering there is millions or possibly billions of dollars at stake with tie-ins, sequals and spin-offs. Listen to the fans people, we know what we want to see. You can't help but think that there logic was that they hired the biggest action star of that time, so why if they were going to pay him millions of dollars to play this character, would they hide his face under a helmet for 2 hours?

Judge Dredd was and still is the biggest comic book character to ever come out of the U.K. since his first appearance in 2000 AD, a weekly hard-edged science fiction anthology in 1977. Producer Charles M. Lippincott had begun negotiations around '78 and had been trying to get a movie version of this character off the ground since then. It's hard to imagine that they had been trying to make a movie of this character since then and the decisions they chose to implore in the final version that ultimately ruined it for most people. The main thing being that he took his damn helmet off for most of the movie. Because if you're a fan of the comics at all, you know he never, ever took his helmet off. Never.
When will these guys finally listen to the geek community when it comes to handling a property so important?

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