Netflix Recommendation: 'Making Fun - The Story of Funko'

by robotGEEK

I'll admit right up front that I'm not a fan of the Funko Pop figures. While I've been collecting toys for over 30 years, and still do to this day, these just don't do anything for me. Yet, I know I'm in the minority here because these Pop figures are such a huge business now and they just keep growing and growing, with people just going absolutely crazy for anything and everything Funko Pop.

So when I saw this documentary land on Netflix, I was still interested in watching it because after all, I am a toy collector, and would probably enjoy the doc more than I do the toys, and I was right. Considering I'm not a fan of this toyline, I have to admit, this was a really fun and highly informative documentary on how Funko got their start (with bobbleheads believe it or not), and how they grew substantially over the years out of it's creator's garage into one of the leading toy companies on the planet, with no signs of slowing down.

One of the biggest surprises for me, besides learning of it's original inseption as a bobblehead maker, was the big name interviews found within where we hear firsthand from cult stars such as Elvira, Lou Ferrigno and Robert Englund (just to name a few), and their take on their respective characters toys. And you know, it was so pleasant to see not only the big name movie and music stars talk about these, but to see how passionate these creators, artists, company heads and employees all are about this. It really does come across like one giant happy family and makes the experience of watching this all the more endearing.

Making Fun: The Story of Funko is now currently streaming on Netflix.

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