Short Film Spotlight: Hardcore

Last night during our Extreme Horror Night screening of the low-budget "lost" slasher Headless, we were discussing films, as we always do, and the talk turned to my recent viewing of Chappie, which in turn became a discussion on the ever-great Sharlto Copley. Then someone asked if I had seen the short film Hardcore, and none of us had, or even heard of it.

Apparently it's a short film, intended to get investors interested for a possible full-length feature film. It's shot POV style, co-stars the excellent Sharlto Copley, and is arguably one of the most badass action sequences I've ever seen. And that's really all this is; a 3 minute long action sequence, and it will blow your mind.

Take 3 minutes out of your day and prepare to be amazed.

As of this post, the film has already been shot and edited. The crowdfunding campaign was a success and they were able to reach they're goal to complete the film. Now we just wait for it's eventual release date. Badass!

For more information, you can check out their official website HERE.


  1. Cool short but I don't think I will be able to stand the POV-style for the length of a feature film.

  2. Movies and video games have touched their hands on the same upsidedown skull and swapped places.

    This is an incredidibly exciting way to experience film, gotta say.