Trick or Treat UK VHS Cover

Trick or Treat VHS Cover scan courtesy of robotGEEKSCultCinema.blogspot.com

After discovering this 80's gem this past year, it's quickly become one of my all-time favorite horror films. Perfectly capturing cheesy, horror, metal, and entertaining, I would consider this to be probably one of the best horror films of the 80's, as well as being the best Rock n' Roll horror film ever made.

Sadly, in the U.S., all we have is a VHS release, and a lame as hell full frame DVD with a pretty shitty cover full of stock images of Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, who look nothing like their characters in the film, which consist all of less than 5 minutes combined. 

While there has been a Blu ray release recently in other parts of the world like Germany and Italy, we have yet to get one here in the states. Some of those Blu ray releases are Region Free thankfully, but it's not cheap. Still worth the purchase in my opinion as it's such a great horror film and would look simply stunning in a cleaned up transfer and in it's original widescreen aspect ratio. 

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