Review: Final Score

Final Score VHS Cover scan courtesy of Torbovision.net
Directed by: Arizal
Category: Badass Cinema

If you love action, then I'm sure by now you've certainly heard of Final Score. I have, for years. It's one of those mythical insanely rare and hard to find obscure films that only comes around once in a lifetime, and through all the years of my collecting VHS, or being a fan of Low-Budget filmmaking in general, the film known as Final Score has always popped up on my radar. Often described as one of the best action films ever made, it's also known as having some of the most insane stuntwork and action sequences ever filmed. At least, that's what I've always heard.

The story behind this film is fascinating in itself. From what I've read, it seems that this Indonesian made, Chris Mitchum starring action-fest was only ever released on VHS in Japan. That's it. No DVD and no other VHS release in any other country, making it remarkably rare by any standards. So coming across an actual original VHS of this film would be like striking gold. So your only other option would be to grab a DVD rip, or find somewhere online that might be streaming it. In either case, whichever way you go, let me tell you, it's well worth the effort. 

A Vietnam War veteran living in Indonesia with his family comes home to find his wife brutally raped and murdered, and his 8 year old son killed celebrating his birthday. Hell bent on revenge, he immediately sets out on a journey find every last one of them and kill them all.

Directed by legendary Indonesian action filmmaker Arizal, and starring Robert Mitchum's son Chris Mitchum, who by this point had made a name for himself in the Low-Budget action genre, Final Score is an action fans wet dream. Essentially, it's Death Wish. Only made in Indonesia. With an International cast. With much more insane action sequences. And going at full throttle literally right from the beginning and never letting up. This has everything you'd want in an action film and then some. It really is that crazy and badass. For instance, not only does the kid get killed, but he has to endure seeing his mom brutally raped and murdered before succumbing to his injuries. And when Mitchum comes home to find this atrocity, he decides to strap some rocket launchers to his dirtbike, and goes on a one-man-war of revenge and it's insane! But there were some things about Final Score I was not expecting. 

Of all the amazing things I had heard about this film, mostly about all the insane action sequences and violence, one thing I was not prepared for was how unintentionally hilarious this was. I'm telling you! Not only does this easily qualify for Badass Cinema, but it equally falls into Bad Movie Night category. Had I seen this alone, I probably wouldn't have noticed all the terrible acting and dialogue, as I'm used to things like that with these types of films. But, I chose to screen this for my movie group, as the first film in my Badass Cinema screenings, and holy shit, they couldn't stop laughing. None of us could. The laughter was nonstop - whether it be from some insanely ridiculous, yet completely awesome action sequence, or some of the worst and gawd-awful dialogue and delivery - we simply could not stop laughing the entire time. And.....it was amazing. 

While not necessarily action fans, they can recognize a good goddamn movie, and an entertaining one at that, and Final Score fit the bill to a "T". We all loved it, and when it was over and the end credits began rolling down, everyone applauded. It was unanimous; Final Score delivered the goods and exceeded all our expectations. I mean, there must not be any safety standards or laws over there when it comes to stunts because there were a few times where it looked like stuntmen actually could have died. And maybe some did? I don't know. I'm just saying, some of the stunts in here blew our minds and I sure as hell hope nobody actually lost their life trying to achieve them.

Doing a little research, it seems Indonesian director Arizal is legendary in the action film world. I honestly hadn't heard of the guy until now, but after watching this, I immediately ordered another cult classic of his, The Stabilizer, which looks to be even more insane than Final Score. I can't wait!

If you love action, do yourself a favor and track down a copy of this obscure little gem. I haven't looked, but I'm sure it's on YouTube. But if you can get an actual physical copy to screen for your friends, I'd highly recommend you do so. 


  1. Great review! This movie rocks so hard.

    1. It does! Man, I had no idea what I was missing all these years! Glad you guys dig it as much as I do too.