Review: Double Target

Double Target Japan VHS Cover courtesy of SerialKillerCalender.com

Directed by: Bruno Mattei
Category: Action

I'm about as big a fan of Bruno Mattei as the next guy. Or, the next guy who loves 80's Low-Budget Exploitation films I should say. There's no doubt Mattei has created some truly memorable films when he reigned supreme in the 80's, with standouts like Strike Commando and Robowar being some of them. But with as many as 5 films being made a year, you have to expect that not all of them are going to be winners, and sadly, Double Target falls under that category.

I was actually really excited about this one, as it sounds right up my alley. The trailer is also surprisingly badass. Yet, there's just nothing in here that's very exciting. There's a lot of action for sure, but most of it seems to be just going through the motions, and unlike some of his other films, there are no hilarious bad dialogue, cheese-factor, or any WTF? moments that make some of his other films more memorable; things we've come to expect from a Bruno Mattei film.

The film has some storyline involving suicide attacks and the government, but I couldn't tell you any specifics on that, as the main story revolves around Robert Ross (the ever wooden Miles O'Keeffe) as he infiltrates a concentration camp in the Philippines to rescue his long lost son, who's mother has died. That's really it. He somehow secures some help, goes after the kid, and fights the British forces who get in his way.

That's really all you could need I suppose, but nothing rarely ever happens that makes you go "Oohhh" or "Aahhh". Lots of exploding huts, lots of fistfights, lots of machine guns blazing, but it's all so very dull and uninspired. The sad thing is that a lot of it looks good, with Mattie seemingly paying close attention to style, yet there's no substance. All of it is just very mediocre in a very disappointing way. For example, there's a scene where our hero, Ross, runs towards a moving car, jumps on top of the moving car, and from there leaps onto a waiting helicopter hovering overhead. Sounds insane right? Yet, it's all done so fast without much thought to creativity, or better yet, thrills, that it all falls quite flat.

Worth a watch if you like action, but don't expect much in the way of actual entertainment. Nothing in Double Target will leave will a lasting impression.

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