Wonder Woman fan made trailer / Fan Film

Now this is a Wonder Woman film I'd love to see. I'm not generally a Wonder Woman fan, but this is just too badass not to share. Here's some further info via Cinema Blend:

This teaser trailer, shared by Latino-Review, was conceived and shot by one-time stunt coordinator Jesse V. Johnson (Planet of the ApesLincoln) who reportedly recruited cinematographer friend HC Van Urfalian, a striking brunette actress named Nina Bergman, and character actor Peter Stormare (!!) to record a reel of Wonder Woman in action. The director told the site: 
“It was my manager/producing partner Kailey Marsh’s idea to shoot the trailer. She really believes I should be a studio director, and thought shooting Wonder Woman would be a great way to show off my skills in a fun way that people could get excited about.”

They even recruited Robert Sebree to come up with a teaser poster:  

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