Quick Shot: Hostel III

Directed by: Scott Spiegel
Category: Horror

Hhhmmm, well, you have to expect that since this is the first in the series to not hit theaters, it's going to have a difference in substance and quality and that's exactly what we get here.

It's not a bad or crappy movie by any means.......it just feels so tame compared to the first two because in all honesty, there is not a lot of violence or even shock value. Yes, a few scenes here and there, but not what you'd come to expect from a Hostel film.

Typical story, except this time it's set in Las Vegas. The cast was fine, nothing really to complain about in that department, and the effects (when there were some) were pretty good. But really, the biggest problem with this film is that there just wasn't enough of it. Not enough kills, not enough violence and not enough "Oh Shit!" moments. Because that's really what you want from these kinds of torture porn films, plenty of "Oh Shit!" moments and I can vaguely remember maybe 1 scene like that.

I admire Scott Spiegel as a director. His inventive camera work in Intruder is what really made that film what it was, besides the awesome amount of gore (Unrated Director's Cut Edition). You can tell he got a lot of inspiration and know how from his good friend Sam Raimi. His imprint is felt all around that movie. But with this film, it's very tame compared to his other films, which really surprised me because if ever there was a film that a filmmaker can go bugnuts insane with the inventive camera work and violence, you'd think it would be a Hostel film. But not in this case. While his style is very nice to look at and professional in Hostel III, it was a bit of a surprise to see Spiegel not go all out as he has in the past.

All in all, not a bad horror film. Well made with a professional look, not something you can say often these days with DTV horror films. It just needed more of everything to make it awesome. Noble effort though......

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