Review: Cyber Tracker

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Directed by: Richard Pepin
Category: Action

Richard Pepin is my favorite low-budget action director. Hands down. The first time I saw Hologram Man, I was instantly enthralled with what this guy was able to accomplish on such a small budget. It's like he took all the best qualities of Albert Pyun and Craig R. Baxley in their prime and mixed them together to create the ultimate action director, Richard Pepin. His films are cheesy, but insanely enjoyable, filled with enough shootouts, explosions, fist fights and out of nowhere car chases that assault your senses at every turn. One of the things you'll notice almost immediately in nearly every sci-fi/action film of his is that they borrow heavily from other big budget films. Watching films like Hologram Man and T-Force and you'll see the Robocop, Terminator, Blade Runner, and hell, even Under Siege influences all throughout. But that's okay! He's not here to give us something new. He's here to give us some entertainment, and that he does...in spades.

Eric (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) is a bodyguard for Senator Dilly. After saving Senator Dilly's life in an assassination attempt, he's quickly moved up the ranks in his unit. Soon Eric realizes that Dilly is not all he makes himself out to be. When he witness Dilly commit murder, he tries to bring him down, only to have Dilly's new Cyber Droid Unit's at his disposal and after Eric no matter the cost. 

I really enjoyed Cyber Tracker, but I have to admit that it didn't blow me away the way Pepin's T-Force and Hologram Man did. Thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless, with a killer opening sequence (a staple of Pepin films), and plenty of action, car chases and out of left field unnecessary explosions, yet feeling a little less awesome than some of his other efforts. I'm still not sure why. Everything works on a level that you'd expect; pyrotechnics are top-notch, Wilson is a good lead, the fight scenes and action sequences are done with gusto by Pepin and co., but I think it was lacking some genuine WTF? moments. It's really these WTF? moments that make is other efforts stand out, and unfortunately, for all it's awesome action and stuntwork, these crucial WTF? moments were surprisingly absent.

Not that Cyber Tracker is any less less entertaining, because it's not. Believe me, if you're in the mood for some great cheesy low-budget action that steals heavily from Robocop, you'll have a grande ol' time with this one. My beef is that after coming off of 2 phenomenal entries like Hologram Man and T-Force, it's hard not to feel slightly let down by this one. But that's just me, and I doubt most will feel the same, especially if you check this one out before those others.

Despite my personal feelings of being slightly underwhelmed, it's still an excellent film. Tons of action, style, explosions, fights, shoot-outs, and car chases leave the causal viewer nothing less than enthralled, excited and satisfied. Here's to hoping that with Cyber Tracker 2, which Pepin released the following year, he adds a lot more of everything to ramp up the awesome.

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  1. Need to see Hologram Man, I've always wanted to check it out. I mean, you're comparing this guy to Craig R. Baxley, I love Baxleys movies! So action packed...will try and find these movies...thanks for the review!