Punisher VHS Collection: Newest Additions Plus My Collection To Date...

Out of the blue some time ago, a random fella contacted me through Facebook stating that he enjoyed my blog and appreciated my love for this insanely awesome piece of Badass Cinema. He also noted that while scrolling through the various posts I've done of all my Punisher VHS covers, the Portuguese VHS seemed to be absent. He said that he loves the fact that I love this movie so much and that I need this Portuguese tape in my collection. He had one, and would be willing to send it to me for free, if I covered the shipping from Portugal. He said he knew I'd take good care of it and that it would be going to a good home.

Now, right off the bat my spidey sense is tingling. I was cautious and hesitant for a number of reasons, but it all worked out alright in the end. The dude ended up being a legitimate collector and standup guy and we are now good friends. Not only did he give me the Portuguese VHS tape (yellow clamshell-right), but he also helped me secure the Spanish VHS release (blue clamshell-left), which I didn't even know existed! How cool is that!? I have good friends. :)

Here are my Punisher (1989) VHS tapes to date:
(From left to right)
Australian, Japanese, UK, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, French, French, & US

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