NECA'S 8-Bit Jason Voorhees SDCC Exclusive Figure & Review

If you were lucky enough to grab one of these amazing limited edition figures at the San Diego Comic Con recently or online when they went up randomly for a few days through NECA's website, then pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. This figure has been making fans, geeks and collectors salivate for months now and it has been extremely difficult to get your hands on one if you weren't lucky enough to attend the SDCC or in the least, had a friend who did attend get one for you. And to top it off, scammers have been taking full advantage of the "need" for these. Hell, on Facebook just a few days ago there was huge drama when a guy scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money for this figure. I myself was even involved in a heated discussion when someone bought a few of these and was immediately "taking offers" on one. It's one thing when you want to help fellow collectors out and would sell them one for what you paid for it or maybe just a little more. But when you pay $25 for something and immediately start "taking offers" to the highest bidder just days after these were only $25, well that's something else entirely. It's called "Flipping" and collector's don't like it. Browsing eBay last night I saw several sellers trying to pawn these off anywhere from $75-$150. Now that's just fucking ridiculous. Anyhow, I (fortunately) was lucky enough to be online at the very exact moment when NECA would randomly throw a few hundred out at a time for sale, which would sell out almost immediately. In most cases, I heard that they would sell out from the time you placed the item in your cart to the minute it took you to check out and pay and when it came time to hit the "Pay" button, it was already sold out and you lost your chance. Crazy! 

Well, as of this posting, people have started receiving their 8-Bit Jason figure in the mail and mine just arrived yesterday and it's a fucking beauty. Soooo badass. In the meantime, I came upon this awesome, weird, hilarious, odd and surely entertaining video review by Dinosaur Dracula thanks to the awesome Freddy In Space horror site and Facebook page. Seriously, if you haven't discovered this site yet, please do. It's pretty fantastic. 
So anyway, check out this short video. It gives you all the details on why this figure is so sought after and why it looks the way it does. As entertaining as it is, it's also very informative. I can' t tell if this guy is hamming it up or if he's genuinely slightly off, but it's thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. Enjoy. 


  1. This is such a cool toy. I love the fact that they'd made toy of ever other Jason and had to start resorting to making toys of an 8 bit video game!