Badass Buy: Hands of Steel Japan Laserdisc

Hands of Steel AKA Fists of Steel AKA Atomic Cyborg AKA Paco Japan Laserdisc

If you know me well enough or follow me on here, then you know this is one of my absolute favorite films. I just love it to death. And I'm always on a quest to track down any piece of memorabilia or any VHS copy version I can get my hands on. I actually was bidding on a Japanese VHS copy of this on eBay some time ago, but was outbid and lost. So if you anyone can get another into my hands, I'd be most appreciative.

Funny thing is that I wasn't actually looking for this when I came across it. I think I happened upon it just casually browsing one day and my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw it. And that's usually how it happens. When I'm "not" looking for something, that's when I happen to come across it. Needless to say, it's one of the coolest additions to my small Laserdisc collection and an awesome addition to my growing Hands of Steel collection in general.


  1. Ah man, I feel your pain. That Laserdisc is all kinds of awesome. This has happened to me loads of times. Now I only make bids on ebay during the last 15 seconds of the auction!

    1. Ugh! It's the "worst" feeling, isn't it?! So close, yet so far away. I think that VHS auction was ending sometime in the middle of the night, so I wouldn't have been able to keep an eye on it when it was over. I woke up with the dreaded "Sorry you didn't win" email from eBay. LOL.

      But this Laserdisc does make up for it a bit. :)