Badass Buy: The Punisher Japanese VHS

As my posts and reviews have been less and less frequent, I also realize that any posts on my VHS or Laserdisc collecting has been almost nonexistent for over a year. So when I'm not feeling up to actually throwing out my thoughts on anything in particular, I'll try to at least post a pic of a new acquisition in my collection. 

And what better way to start than with this amazingly badass find of The Punisher (1989) Japanese VHS tape. I amazingly got my hands on this purely by chance and without having even seen a picture of it. One of those situations where I just had to take someone's word and trust them. Lucky for me when I got it in the mail I could not have been happier. This is in near perfect condition and an awesome addition to my Punisher VHS collection, of which I'll probably go ahead and post as a whole sometime soon. If you follow me at all, you know I have a crazy love and obsession for this awesome piece of Badass Cinema. I will pretty much get my hands on anything related to this film if at all possible. But I'm currently trying to acquire any VHS version of this from around the world. It's slowly growing, but in the meantime enjoy this little piece of awesome. 

* Please feel free to email me if you think you might have a version of this on VHS that I don't already own at robotgeek76@gmail.com


  1. Dude, you're obsessed. Any chance of the pic of all your VHS collection?

    1. Lol!! I am!!! Man, you have no idea. Actually, yes. I have one I just got that I'm waiting for in the mail and once I get it I'll post them all together. :)