My New YouTube Channel Is Up!


Hello everyone! For those of you who have followed me throughout the years, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. While I do find it hard sometimes to find the motivation to keep going and doing these on here from time to time, your support always seems to keep me going and I thank you. 

This past year or so have been quite a rollercoaster for a lot of us, myself included. While there has certainly been a whole lot of bad, for myself, there has been just as much good, and I feel now would be the time to finally take my robotGEEK brand a little further and dive a little bit into video reviews. Now this will be hard for me because I've always been and continue to be extremely self-conscious. I rarely ever take a photo of myself (even though I'm also a photographer), let alone a video. But my amazing wife has been telling me for years to give it a shot, and after some persuading from a very dear friend, I decided to finally do just that. I have a long way to go with learning video editing, getting some new equipment to record videos for the channel and whatnot. But, I figured I have to start somewhere, and just grow from there through trial and error. 

I hope you choose to subscribe and follow me on my new journey. I will continue to post regularly here like always, but as I start getting the hang of video reviews, I may start focusing more on there than over here. I don't really know yet. But either way, your support would mean the world to me. You can check out my new robotGEEK YouTube Channel, by following the link HERE

Once again, THANK YOU. robotGEEK out. 

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