A Very Special Happy Birthday To Our Friend Breanna Whipple

I wanted to take this opportunity to not only wish my friend and fellow reviewer Breanna Whipple a very Happy Birthday, but to talk a little about what she does and how she inspires me. 

Breanna is a contributing writer over at Rue Morgue magazine and Nightmarish Conjurings, as well as the creator, owner and full-time writer at Heavy Horror, a website dedicated and influenced by her love of movies, music, events and anything that isn't lame. It's a great website and I highly recommend checking it out and giving it a follow. 

I wanted to quickly touch on how much she's inspired, motivated, encouraged and supported me here at robotGEEK'S Cult Cinema right from the very beginning. While I don't have the time I wish I had to dedicate to this, and the fact that I do tend to get discouraged from time to time, not knowing if this is something I should keep doing, she's always been there to encourage me to keep going. She inspires me constantly, whether it's landing a new writing gig for an established website or magazine (something I have yet to accomplish myself), or in how passionate she is about her craft. She's also been a huge fan of my work as a photographer and we've been talking for years about collaborating together on a project as a model and photographer. I hope the stars align someday and we find ourselves in the same part of the planet where we can actually make that happen. I know we would make magic and it would be fucking amazing. 

I also highly recommend following her on Instagram and Facebook, because she's always been incredible at recommending films to me; some I've never heard of before, and some I never thought to take a chance on. To date, she's never steered me wrong. Every suggestion she's made has been gold. Also, she's really fucking funny and so goddamn clever. 


You can follow Breanna at any of these links below:

Website: www.heavyhorror.com

Instagram: @breanimator

Facebook:  Breanna Whipple

Facebook: Heavy Horror

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