VHS Cover of the Day: Thrashin'

Here's a film that I've known about nearly my entire life, yet only saw it for the very first time this past year. Of course, I loved it to death. It's just the right amount of 80's cheesy goodness in all the right ways, never overstaying it's welcome in any department and hitting all the right notes. In short, it's a blast from start to finish, and pure 80's cheesy bliss.

But getting my hands on one of these original tapes was easier said than done. Unfortunately it's a highly sought after one and I could never come across one for under $20. I'm sure if I lived in a bigger city I'd eventually find one in a thrift store, but unfortunately, I live in a tiny town that is notorious for offering crap when it comes to VHS tapes. I always kept an eye out though online and in VHS groups, hoping that one day my patience would pay off. Well, that time has come. Finally, I stumbled upon an eBay listing where they were selling it for a relatively reasonable price, and so I snatched it up. Of course, one of the things I love about these old tapes are the stickers that are found all over the cover and tape itself. I love them. It's an image into that tapes history. So the one that really had to make me laugh was the one found on the back, with a "Goodwill" sticker on it that had a price of .71 cents. Needless to say, the person I got this from made a hefty profit.

Now, if I can just get my hands on an original VHS of Rad...

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