Scream Greats Vol 1: Tom Savini Japan VHS

I've spent so much time collecting, trading and acquiring VHS tapes this past year that I've completely neglected posting the sleeves on here like I used to. In all honesty, I'd completely forgotten that it used to be something I would always do. But I took a very long break from collecting for a few years and only recently began again, and then it hit me that I hadn't posted any covers in forever. So hopefully here's the first of many to come, if I don't get lazy about it. 

I had completely come across this tape randomly on a whim. I didn't even know it was available in Japan, and when I was casually browsing online one day it popped up while I wasn't looking for anything in particular and my heart nearly stopped. You see, I have owned this specific documentary ever since it first hit VHS. My brother and I wore the shit out of it and through the decades, I've always held onto my copy. I've slowly began collecting different versions of this film throughout the years on different formats, but never knew it was ever released in Japan until now. I grabbed it without thinking twice about the price. It NEEDED to be in my collection, and let me say, it's just gorgeous in person.

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