Tubi Tuesday Presents: M.A.S.K. The Animated Series


by robotGEEK

One of the coolest cartoons and toylines to come out of the 80's is finally available to stream (for FREE!!) in all of it's glory on TubiTV. This series, or franchise rather, doesn't really need an introduction, especially if you're as old as I am and grew up on 80's cartoons. Hands-down one of the most popular cartoons to come out of that era, and still to this day one of the most popular toylines to collect, with really anything M.A.S.K.-related being some of the most sought after vintage brands and toylines for collectors today.

All 65 episodes are available in the best HD quality you will find. This series has been released officially in the U.S. before via Shout! Factory, which isn't cheap, as well as other regions for far cheaper than what you would pay for the Shout! Factory set, as long as you have a region-free player. 

Anyway, enjoy this trip down nostalgia lane and get ready to have that rockin' theme song stuck in your head for days! 

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robotGEEK out...

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