Lost Empire Strikes Back Documentary Unearthed!!

Wow, just wow. For any Star Wars fan in general, this is a must watch and so much fun. Nothing like unearthing lost behind the scenes footage of one of the greatest franchises in film history, not to mention probably the best Star Wars film to date.

This originated from an article by Charlie Schmidlin on IndieWire on Feb. 28 that tells a fascinating story about how this documentary was originally a Dutch TV Program documentary by French journalist Michael Parbot that had only ever been available in snippets until now. This is so much fun, you should really give it a watch and dedicate 30 minutes of your life to it. It's pretty awesome. If anything, it's a fascinating testament to old school "practical" filmmaking. To see the hellish conditions they went through to film the Hoth sequences in freezing temperatures in Norway, or the difficulties of getting some Wampa action on screen is a sight to behold. You also get some cool lightsaber training, yoga puppetry, and tons of other practical effects footage.

To view the original article via IndieWire, click HERE.

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