Cyborg: Director's Cut Remastered Blu ray is available now!

Now here's some exciting news for filmgeeks like myself. 
Cult director Albert Pyun is releasing a new remastered transfer of his Director's Cut of Cyborg on both Blu ray "and" DVD. I've been following Albert on Facebook for some time now and I can tell you, he put a "lot" of work into this remaster doing it all by himself. I've seen some screen grabs and well, it looks amazing. Much better quality than his previously released Cyborg Director's Cut DVD. 

Here's some info from Albert Pyun himself regarding this release:

The new version of the CYBORG: DC is a few minutes longer and contains the original main title sequence. It also contains my full commentary where I discuss how Cyborg came to be born in 1987 (from the ashes of FOUR projects - Johnny Guitar, Alex Rain - the precursor to what became Nemesis - Masters of the Universe and Spider-Man). 

Nemesis has as many v2.0 vefx shots as I could locate. So its got a fair amount of new material. 
CYBORG: DC re-mastering has gotten rid of the time code windows and is presented in 2:35 now. In the commentary I discuss my relationship with JCVD and the conflicts we had during shooting and in post. There's a few new music cues and shots as well.

Here's a quick note he posted on Facebook on Thursday regarding this release:

"Well, after 3 weeks of constant work, the CYBORG / Slinger uprez is complete. It's wide screen without time code windows and with added Cyborg nemesis peek at the end.
Here's the great cover art by Jerry Scullion. This "Misery" version will be screened in Chicago on March 9th. Now to complete Nemesis DC and the world will be good!"

Here is some official info from Curnan Pictures head Cynthia Curnan:

CYBORG: Director's Cut: Misery Version -  Blu-Ray 

2 Dics set: - The first Disc is Cyborg: DC feature blu-ray in BD case with art. The second disc is the CYBORG COMMENTARY DVD. The commentary begins 40 minutes before the start of the movie and runs through out the movie

COST to the US                       $33.00 -    free shipping    $28 for DVD 

           To Canada                     $42.00  -  free shipping  (Shipping cost increased to $13.00) $36 for DVD (if you buy 2 sets the second set is $30BD/$26 DVD) including shipping

To  International destinations  $43.00  - free shipping    (International shipping costs $13.00 - if you buy two sets, the second set is $30BD/$27DVD)

Click on the link below to order and fill in the correct amount for your destination. Include your name and address and the one line personal message you want from Albert Pyun, or any instructions for your order. You will find this on the review page of your order.

 The cost is for Albert Pyun's  autograph, on a BD case art with the behind making CYBORG commentary.. CYBORG:DC is a free extra.

This is not a studio release . It was created only for Cyborg fans who want Albert Pyun's director's cut. This version of the movie is a darker story than the original release, which was cut to make an "R" rating and it has a different ending. The movie has Tony Riparetti's more aggressive soundtrack. We do not accept returns except for defective discs.

If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia at:


  1. Hmmm, the Nemesis 2.0 cut sounds a little suspicious. "As much vefx shots as I could locate" - sounds like whoever was working on the new effects has left and Pyun is just patching together from what was done.

    Would still be interested in how it looks. That trailer that he released a while ago looked great.

    1. I'm still pretty excited. I love that film and it's one of my favorites. Following him on Facebook, he's been posting a lot about the progress of this upgrade and it sounds like it's going to be a much better looking picture in terms of quality and vision overall. So I'm stoked either way. It will definitely be a purchase in the next few days. And I don't think it's going to be in true widescreen, but possibly the closest thing available and well, anything's better than pan and scan. lol.

  2. Is this still for sale? I tried to order a copy through the link and PayPal said there was an error due to the merchant's site. Any ideas?


    1. Hhhmmm. I don't know if you are aware, but Albert Pyun has just been officially diagnosed with MS. And his health has deteriorated quite rapidly these past few weeks. So much so that he's had to pretty much cancel everything and start treatment. So I'm not sure if it's just that they're are busy with all that or if they aren't selling these anymore. I've been reading on his Facebook page that he has had a German company working on converting this to HD quality, and from the stills I've seen and some test shots on YouTube, it looks amazing. But now with all this, not sure what the plan is. So your best bet is to contact him directly though his Facebook page at "Albert Pyun Movies" or email Cynthia at curnanpictures@gmail.com. Let me know what you find out!