Vintage 1990 Punisher Premiere Ad

by robotGEEK

Stumbled upon this excellent rare vintage ad promoting the Uncut U.S. premiere of Dolph Lundgren's The Punisher at an L.A. Comic Book & Science Fiction Convention back in 1990 via my buddy's Facebook page The Punisher 1989: The Untold Story of a Cult Classic. This ad scan comes courtesy of Greg Beville. 

According to Jeremie Damoiseau, author of the excellent French book Punisher: The Secret History (currently being translated to English for a U.S. release), the screening did not go as planned. Here are some details from Damoiseau himself:

"The screening did not go as planned since the print for WATCHERS II never arrived... Therefore it was LOBSTER MAN FROM MARS first, then HOWLING V and finally THE PUNISHER!
Although announced as a tentative guest, Lundgren did not attend, but director Mark Goldblatt was there and waved to the audience after the film got a standing ovation."

There you go. I thought it was some fascinating history regarding the release of one of my absolute favorite films ever. I wonder if those in attendance ever got those exclusive Punisher button's after all?

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